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Wedding Lighting Tips
Wedding Lighting is more than just flipping on a light switch; it is the very mood and atmosphere of Your Special Day.

For Your Wedding to be simply stunning, you will find it helpful to follow these few important tips or make it very simple and exciting and Just Call LIGHTSCAPES

“Lighting creates the Atmosphere, it creates the mood,” says Premier Wedding Designer Steve Piermont , when done correctly, lighting makes everything more beautiful, your wedding flowers, cake, and even your guests — look better, feel better and enjoy themselves more.

Here are a Few Beneficial Tips for Your Special Day Wedding and Event Lighting


First : Find a Professional Wedding Lighting Expert .. don’t let your friends save you a few bucks it really can be a real disaster

There are a couple ways to find your wedding lighting specialist.

Easiest Way do a Search on Google or Bing for LIGHTSCAPES of WINTER PARK FL and give us a call Today. 407-895-9000

Ask your event designer or wedding florist for the Premier Wedding Lighting Designer in your area or Just call Lightscapes 🙂

Call a lighting pro we regularly work with LED’s and all types of specialty Lighting and are used to balancing voltage and dealing with electrical issues before the Wedding or Event .. we want no issues on Your Wedding Day

Or, ask the wedding coordinator at your reception venue they could probably can recommend a lighting company that has worked with the site before; BE SURE to ask for recommendations and reviews Or Just Call LIGHTSCPES.

Ask to see pictures of their Lighting Techniques and various lighting arrangements.

Don’t be surprised if your lighting designer has a background in Landscape or Architectural Lighting — many experts are capable of using the same technology and techniques in weddings that they have honed to artistic skills creating dramatic Landscape Lighting and Architectural Lighting, for homes and business Lighting Scenarios… a Good Designer has an eye .. a Great Designer has a Sensitive Heart and a Creative Eye for Your Wedding Lighitng.

You can also find a wedding lighting designer for your Wedding Lighitng Event on craigslist but make sure to check if they are Licensed and Insured , many don’t even have business license.

Best Advice – Get a Free Estimate and Design By LIGHTSCAPES for your Wedding Lighting. We will Come and meet with you, Assess Your Site and review your Wedding Plans , Listen Your Ideas and present you with a Free estimate and Plan.
Wedding Lighting Designer Steve Piermont

More Tips:
If you’re planning an evening reception, make sure to visit your site when it’s dark.

It is important with Wedding Lighting to Look around the area or room and see where the fixed lighting is focused and what other lighting will be needed.

Lights that illuminate the walls, windows, and ceiling draw attention away from the center of the room.
We want to keep everyone’s eyes on the tables, dance floor, and each other; illuminating the Couple and the Bride.

Check if the site has dimmers for their overhead lights, and if there’s any florescent lighting turn them off, keep it turned off .. this is not a business meeting.

Also, make sure there won’t be any service doors kept open which will flood the space with unwanted light and ruin the atmosphere. or Just Call LIGHTSCAPES

If you’re wedding is at a home, your designer should know how much electricity your lighting is going to require.
Wedding require alot of electrical power with Your band or DJ and all the power running it will probably risk blowing a fuse. Know where the fuse box is OR Just Call LIGHTSCAPES.
We have back up generators.

Take the Time to Learn the Wedding Lighting Lingo or Just Call LIGHTSCAPES WEDDING LIGHTING 407-895-9000

Here are a few of the basics types of lighting commonly used at Weddings and Events

Pin spot A focused beam of light that shines directly onto an object, like a centerpiece or wedding cake, as a great highlight effect for Wedding Lighting.

Color wash There are a few different types of light fixtures that can create a “wash,” which is basically a blanket of colored light covering an entire area.

Laser and Circular stencils that are put over a light to project a design or pattern. Popular gobo designs are monograms, dates, or any other wedding motifs.

Led Short for light-emitting diodes, LED lights are perfect for weddings they use much less electricity and do not generate as much heat as halogen and incandescent light bulbs. LEDs are great for vibrant colors and limitless color changes.

It is Important to Use Color in Wedding Lighting
Think through your wedding colors and where you can use colored lights. They have a great effect. or Just Call LIGHTSCAPES
Examples of Wedding Colors
If you’ve used sage throughout your wedding, shy away from green lighting — it might be too much, and green isn’t always flattering.
Go with colors that complement, like magenta or a soft rose. Steve Piermont is an Excellent Lighting Coordinator

Take advantage of changing the shades through the course of the night to create the energy and atmosphere that you desire.. Have a Lighting Technician on Hand to Operate and Program the Lighting Effect.
For examples, if your wedding starts around sunset, splash your room with beautiful sunset golden and soft tones.
During dinner, consider soft lighting that will complement the candlelight.. knowing the proper Kevin or Lighting Temperature is Imperative. or Just Call LIGHTSCAPES
As the party progresses, change the lighting to something a more exciting, and invigorating stronger and brighter tones.

Making these transition is simple for Professionals with the proper lighting equipment.
With the push of a button an experienced Lighting Technician c can change the mood of the room in an instant. so Call LIGHTSCAPES ‘We Love Doing Weddings”
wedding lighting

When Possible Set Up Outside with Different Structures
Lighting for an outdoor wedding is Incredibly Dynamic.
Wedding Lighting is all about safety for a path or steps that people will be using for safety and convenience you need to keep areas well lit and with many LED Landscape Accents to brighten the walking areas.

Make a Clear bold statement with Beautiful unconventional lighting fixtures strategically placed throughout the property for that special effect.

Lighting experts love to use dramatic, sculptural lights like large orbs, or rows of vertical poles, or showering rivers of light that look like beautiful pieces of art.

Your centerpieces make or Break the Dining experience arrange each centerpiece with perfection and ad aglow to each arrangement.

Choose the Right Lights for each Use and Have A Wonderful Wedding that Makes Memories for a Life Time



Let us take all the hassle out of Your Wedding Lighting and Event Lighting


Licensed and Insured since 1993

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