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60 LED Solar Motion Light

Provide lighting and security to your garage, pathway, shed or remote cottage anywhere, anytime. Use the power of the sun to light dark areas and add extra security with the 60 LED Solar Motion Security Light. This light automatically turns on when motion is detected, making it the perfect solar security solution.

This security light comes equipped with 60 super-bright LEDs in a durable ABS plastic and aluminum housing. The 1-watt, 6-volt amorphous solar panel charges an AA 5-Pack NiMH 6V 900mAh of rechargeable batteries, ensuring reliable lighting power for whenever, wherever you need it.
Provide security for garages, pathways, and more

60 bright LED lights powered by solar energy
Powerful LED Lighting

The 60 LED Solar Motion Security Light features 60 super-bright, white LEDs with an 850 lumen output. The LED light delivers up to 8 hours of illumination on a single charge.
Up to 8 hours of illumination per charge

60 light 2

60 led light 3
Powerful Detection

Enjoy peace of mind with a detection distance of 30 feet, and a detection range of 180 degrees. It's powerful security coverage for nearly all driveways, porches, decks, sheds, and more.
Customize Your Solar Light’s Settings

This solar motion detector features 3 control dials to customize your light to match your needs. LUX (light level) determines the level of darkness that must be reached for the light to turn on. TIME sets the duration of illumination time. And SENS (Sensitivity) determines the range of motion detection.
Easy DIY Installation

We can Mount it Just about Anywhere !
60 led light
About Amorphous Solar Technology

Solar panels convert sunlight into an electric current, they do not store power. Amorphous solar panels are created by spraying silicon onto glass in very thin layers, and are commonly known as thin film solar panels. This process allows them to be better at generating electricity in all lighting conditions, including cloudy or shady environments. Amorphous solar panels are best for smaller output needs, temporary set ups, and areas that do not receive predictable sun conditions. These solar panels ensure that your solar lights will work anywhere.

Thank you Lightscapes,
Just wanted you to know that the lighting system you installed for us is fantastic. The design and work was well done and timely and we feel we got a great value for our money. Thank you for a job well done.
Dave and Pam Sanders

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