Mount Dora Landscape LED Lighting with Lightscapes Outdoor Lighting

Mount Dora Landscape LED Lighting with Lightscapes Outdoor Lighting
We Love Serving Mt. Dora

Lightscapes Outdoor of Mt. Dora Fl. specializes in a Landscape Lighting service program that will keep your Lighting System Up and Running for years to come.

From design to the "carefree" installation you will be serviced by Highly Trained Licensed and Bonded Professional Lighting Technicians who love LED Landscape Lighting .

Lightscapes has always had the best warranty in the business backed in writing 100%.

Feel at ease having one qualified company handle all your Landscape and Outdoor Lighting Needs!

Watch for our incredible unsurpassed LIGHTSCAPES CHRISTMAS LINE as well as Our NEW Green LED Energy Savers.

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"Professional... Creative... and Fun. We had a wonderful time working with Steve Piermont to create the system we wanted."
- Mr. & Mrs. Petterson,
Isle Worth, FL

New Installation: Landscape Lighting - LED or Halogen
Lightscapes will with you design and than install a complete low voltage system to coincide with your taste, budget, and lifestyle.

Existing Systems: Upgrade
Lightscapes has an excellent updating program that will upgrade your existing system with new design and fixtures as needed.

Lightscapes offers repairs by Trained Technicians, annual maintenance agreement for customers who want to keep the quality of their system at top performance.

Lightscapes offers free estimates on any one-time service call and/or repair job.

Mount Dora Landscape Lighting Specialists
Benefits of Landscape LED Lighting with Lightscapes serving Mount Dora
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Extend the twilight hours in your outdoor living area
Add depth and texture to your home at night
Enhance architectural traits of your home
Create a resort feel in your backyard
View your beautiful landscape from inside your home
Water features come to life at night!
Outdoor kitchen lighting
Non-glare BBQ lighting
Safe pathways for your guests and family
Provides safety near steps and handrails
Security perimeter around your home (also available with motion detection)

Mt. Dora Landscape Lighting

Mount Dora Florida Landscape Lighting LED

The Central Florida town was settled in 1874 by David M. Simpson, his wife and 2 children. In 1880, it was named "Royellou" by the postmaster, Ross Tremain, after his children Roy, Ella and Louis. In 1883, The Alexander House opened, a 2 story hotel with 10 rooms, and the community was renamed "Mount Dora." It took the name of Lake Dora, which had been named by surveyors in 1846 for Dora Ann Drawdy, who lived with her husband 2 miles south of Mount Dora. The arrival of the railroad in 1887 stimulated the economy, carrying tourists and freight. A popular winter retreat for hunting, fishing and boating, The Alexander House would be renamed The Lake House in 1893. Mount Dora was incorporated in 1910, with a railway depot built in 1915.

R.C. Tremain & Son built the first orange packing house in 1891, although surrounding groves would be destroyed by the great freezes of 1894 and 1895. Box and fertilizer factories were established, as well as a cannery. In 1903, The Lake House was renamed Lakeside Inn, and remains in operation. Visitors included President Calvin Coolidge, Thomas Edison, Henry Ford and President Dwight D. Eisenhower. The John P. Donnelly House, a Queen Anne style landmark built in 1893 by the first mayor, was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1975. In 1898, Witherspoon Lodge of Free and Accepted Masons, No.111,Prince Hall Affiliate, The Witherspoon Lodge was founded in Mount Dora, and is one of the oldest still active African-American Masonic Lodges in FL.

Also on the National Register of Historic Places. In 1902 the members of the Witherspoon Lodge bought the two story frame building at 1470 Clayton St. Mount Dora, FL. 32757, and the Masonic Lodge meetings have been held there since.

In the early 1920s the members made the 1st floor of the building as a classroom for the black children of Mount Dora. In 1926 Milner - Rosenwald Academy was built at 1560 Highland Street. It is named after Julius Rosenwald, Chicago (1862-1932), President of Sears and Roebuck. He befriended Booker T. Washington and made him aware of the deplorable conditions of black schools in the South. Rosenwald contributed money to over 5000 schools in eleven southern states and Mount Dora's Milner-Rosenwald was just one of the other contributions given to Lake County, FL.

This money established a foundation to build newer and better schools. A substantial amount of the money contributed was also given by a retired Mount Dora Presbyterian Minister, Rev. Duncan C. Milner (1841-1928). A committed foe of racial discrimination, Milner was a Civil War Veteran who fought in the Battle of Chickamuga.

The Academy succeeded in producing many successful alumni. The town today is noted for its crafts and antique shops, historical buildings, and beautiful scenery. The 1981 movie Honky Tonk Freeway was filmed here with the Historical Lakeside Inn which was painted pink for the film, and an Indian Elephant was shipped in and taught to water ski on Lake Dora.

Historic sites of Mount Dora

The following are listed on the National Register of Historic Places:

Old Mount Dora Atlantic Coast Line Railroad Station, home to the town's Chamber of Commerce
John P. Donnelly House
Lakeside Inn

Museums of Mount Dora

Royellou Museum
Antique Boat Museum

We Love Serving Mount Dora with energy efficient LED Landscape Lighting

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