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"Your Landscape Lighting Company"

Introducing Light Logic PLUS, an Internet-based outdoor
lighting control system from Unique Lighting™. Light Logic PLUS builds on the original Light Logic
Wireless Control System with the addition of an Internet gateway and app. Now you have lighting
system control from a mobile device, tablet, web browser or computer virtually anywhere, anytime,
regardless of how those devices are connected to the internet (Wi-Fi, Ethernet or Cellular).

Why Light Logic™?
• Wireless control for up to four scenes
• Conveniently used with any iOS® or Android™ mobile device
• Up to 250 different transformers or devices for each control scene
• Easily retrofits into existing lighting installations
• Compatible with any 120V device
• Astronomical timing – auto adjusts dusk and dawn times by your location and seasonal changes
• Firmware easily upgradeable
• Sequence multiple transformers


• Create different ambiance for different occasions
• Control pathway lighting for easy nighttime entry
• Turn on security lighting at the perimeter of the property at the press of a button
• Automate outdoor living spaces – control fountains, seasonal lighting and other outdoor elements

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