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Steve Piermont Offers Advice for "Lighting Up" Your Evenings

Fall is here and the days are now getting shorter and the evenings longer, providing the perfect opportunity to entertain outdoors and enjoy our Florida Living.
Proper landscape lighting can create a wonderful, bold and very elegant atmosphere that will keep you and your guests relishing evenings together under the cooler autumn evening skies.
Especially in Orlando Landscape and Architectural lighting can bring your property to life with a warm glow that will enhance your home's charm, relaxes your stress and highlight the most beautiful aspects of your home and landscape to create that “am on vacation feeling”.

It sets a welcoming mood and makes a dramatic positive impact the minute your guests arrive.
Professional landscape lighting also allows a homeowner to creatively showcase certain aspects of their property. Accent lighting can make your property appear very spacious with that resort-like feel which we love here in Orlando.

Florida Living is greatly improved with proper Landscape Lighting and accents.

On the practical side It can also increase curb appeal for sales and all the while adding safety and security to your home. We specialize in helping keep your family and home safe. Call Us TODAY 407-895-9000 for a Free Security Lighting Review. We have many fine produces that can enhance your security.
Outdoor landscape lighting offers many year-round benefits.
During our beautiful “winter” months here in Orlando and all of Central Florida, landscape lighting offers a very straight forward and simple way to add elegance and charm, setting the perfect scene for outdoor entertaining and family fun. During all our months, outdoor lights add life and security creating a warm, welcoming safe atmosphere.

With Lightscapes Outdoor Lighting it's will be so appealing, you will enjoy just driving up to your driveway!
Tips for adding lights to your landscape: Upgrading and Retrofitting

Uplight to Create Depth: With light fixtures mounted low on the ground, Uplighting can create a varied layered look, adding wonderful depth and dimension to your yard. It is particularly effective at bringing garden sculptures, palms and fountains to life.

We can set up an uplight directly behind a statue or plant and aim the light at a wall to create a distinct silhouette of the object or reverse it to casts beautiful shadows. We can add moonlighting to further enhance the lighting effects. We love Lighting Up Orlando!

See where Your Going with Path Lights: Soft lit paths are especially appealing to the eye, and are a good idea for any area that may see foot traffic.
Lightscapes Outdoor lighting is Orlando’s Landscape Lighting Specialists and we have many fine Path Lights,many handmade and very creative and unique.
Lining a pathway with low or medium-height lamps also will create a safe environment for anyone spending time in the yard. Landscape Lighting Designer Steve Piermont recommends path lights with top covers or shades that will direct the light down and not up. The only thing worse than trying to navigate a path in the dark, is being blinded by the glare of powerful path lights that are improperly placed.

As experienced outdoor lighting professionals, our trained and certified technicians know how to use many wonderful specialty lenses and louvers to create your desired moods, and effects, creating a great living lighting portrait.

Lightscapes Outdoor Lighting has been installing and maintaining elegant landscape lighting systems since 1996, and we find great satisfaction in seeing the joy on each homeowner's face light up when they see their property transformed by landscape and architectural lighting.

Helping Everyone make the most of each moment, each evening and enjoy Orlando and Our Wonderful Central Florida Living.

Lightscapes Loves Serving Orlando

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