Landscape Lighting Orlando

Orlando Landscape Lighting
Landscape Lighting Trained Service Technicians for any existing landscape lighting system.
Lightscapes Service is here to fix or Upgrade any broken lighting system, change burnt out lamps, check transformers or add additional lights as you desire and to assure that your system is performing correctly.

For outdoor lighting fixtures, leave the re-lamping to us, WE HAVE THE LATEST "Energy Saving" Powerful BULBS
specialized with the exact type and wattage the fixtures are designed to use.

Let Our Technicians will check your lenses, louvers and other lighting system components and make sure they are in proper condition and proper lighting ambiance for your application.

Warning: If you experience an interruption in lighting, especially if a line has been struck by a shovel or other equipment, please notify us immediately and do not touch any exposed wire or attached fixtures, even though it is 12 volt.

Also be wary after catastrophic weather (this is Florida, and we mean hurricanes) for any exposed or down wires or electrical hazards.
Orlando Landscape Lighting

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