Landscape Lighting Orlando with LIGHTSCAPES

True Solid State Products for Landscape Lighting

LIGHTSCAPE Landscape Lighting is offering a full-range of cutting-edge, superior LED products that are environmentally conscious.

Our growing product line includes all Landscape Lighting products uplighting lighting, moon Lighting and replacement lamps; including the industry acclaimed LED Lamp MR16's. Lightscapes Landscape Lighting is committed to sourcing and working with those manufacturing only the highest quality LED products on the market allowing you to purchase with confidence.


The LIGHTSCAPES LED Landscape Lighting is a state-of-the-art breakthrough and is the next generational step in the lighting industry.

The color and quality, light lumens output, and energy savings is easily recognized and far exceeds the experiences and expectations of previous attempts at led landscape Lighting .

The light output and color choices of these new landscape lighting lamps are similar to that of the current 60-Watt , 40-Watt , incandescent lighting available in the market for so many years but uses only 10-Watts , and 5-Watts of energy consumption respectfully .

LIGHTSCAPES LANDSCAPE LIGHTING with Steve Piermont has successfully overcome all the lighting challenges that have been faced with LED Landscape Lighting and are offering this groundbreaking technology and patented designs through the 2014 Fall and Winter in their Revamping Remodeling as well as new installations; in both residential and commercial applications.

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The Lightscapes LED Landscape Lighting lamps have a greater lifespan than standard incandescent, fluorescent and other gas fired lamps.
Environmentally friendly The Lightscapes Lamp is completely safe and is Mercury-free, unlike CFL products.
The Lightscapes LED Lamp provides no glass to break or filaments to burn out and are even cool to the touch.

Call US TODAY 407-895-9000 LIGHTSCAPES LANDSCAPE LIGHTING offers LED technology in several incredibly beautiful designs with an incredibly assortment of options and choices for many different types of applications.

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