Lake Mary Heathrow Landscape Lighting Company

Lake Mary Heathrow Landscape Lighting Company

Lightscapes Landscape Lighting Trained Service Technicians; are here for you; serving Lake Mary and Heathrow with the finest in LED Low voltage for any existing landscape lighting system.

We offer Service to fix or Upgrade any broken lighting system, change burnt out lamps, check transformers or add additional lights as you desire and assure that your system is performing correctly.

We have been serving Lake Mary and Heathrow for many years and know the quality Landscape Lighting that works best for the community; unique and long lasting, beautiful discrete; high quality fixtures.

Wanting to Re Lamp your outdoor lighting fixtures, leave the re-lamping to us, WE HAVE THE LATEST LED, "Energy Saving" BULBS - specialized with the exact light "color", type and wattage the fixtures are designed for.

Let Our Technicians check your lenses, transformers, louvers, wiring and other lighting accessories and make sure they give your light they proper shape and ambiance. We specialize in LED Landscape Lighting conversions for Lake Mary and Heathrow.

Some of the Advantages for Using LIGHTSCAPES OUTDOOR LIGHTING
1. Highest Grade Quality Fixtures and Bulbs
2. Balanced LED Conversions for Traditional Lighting Systems for incredible Energy Saving
3. Quality Upgrades that require Less maintenance and Maintain a Higher Quality of Light for years
4. Backed By Our Uniformed Trained Service Technicians
5. A Full detailed Check Up of the whole system with A Detailed Report of the Status of your system
6. We are Family Owned and Great to Work with .. We will Take Care of Your Landscape Lighting System for You .. One Less thing to have to "take
care of"
7. Stephen J. Piermont III - owner and world renown Premier Landscape Lighting Designer
8. Service Department Office Staff here for You .. call Paola Today for LIGHSCAPES QUALITY SERVICE
9. Angie's List RATED
10. Recognized by LED Landscape Lighting Designers of Florida as One of Florida's Leading Landscape Lighting Companies serving Lake Mary and

CALL OR TEXT TODAY 407-895-9000
Email us at Lightscapespro1@gmail.com

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For LED Solutions, Remodeling, Selling or Purchasing a New Home LIGHTSCAPES IS HERE FOR YOU .

We are the fastest growing Landscape Lighting and Design Company in Orlando ,Heathrow, Lake Mary, and all of Central Florida.

We LOVE Landscape Lighting.. and we do it right!
Expect to be Impressed!

We are convinced there is no other landscape lighting company that can provide you with the years of experience, the quality of Professional LED commercial grade "energy" saving latest generation products, the innovative creative designs, and the professional installation techniques that you will find with Us.

Lightscapes Outdoor Lighting

407-895-9000 text or call
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