LED products, when used properly, provide instant power savings, longer lamp life, and a peace of mind for our
home owners and business owners alike.

There is normally an 80% savings right away.

For instance, a halogen MR-16 20 watt lamp is now a 4-5 watt LED.

A 20 watt bi-pin or single contact lamp would now be a 2-3 watt equal. A big Difference in Power Usage.

Most products are rated for 35-50,000 hours run time.

This means that if a system runs for an average of 6 hours per night. 50,000 hours would be 22 years
before the lamps would terminate illumination.

Unlike halogen and incandescent light sources, most LED products come with a warranty,

which gives the us as industry professionals a powerful backup for the product installed, should there be a problem.

A wide variety of color temperatures, lamps, and integrated products are available to choose from.
ASK About CRI = Color Rendering Index

As a contractor we now have plenty of tools to provide the best system possible.

Years ago most manufactures were racing to see who could come up with the largest transformer.

The LED world has changed this drastically.

The use of different Kelvin temperatures in lighting designs is also becoming very popular.

The current Kelvin temperatures that are being used in the industry today are: 2200K - very warm
candle light look.

- 2200K - very warm

- 2700K - warm white

- 3000K - bright white

- 5700K - cool white

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