Landscape Lighting “Tips for Expanding Your Personal Nighttime Living Space” Winter Park Fl.

Tips on Expanding Your Personal Nighttime Living Space and Evenings

When it comes to outdoor living spaces and landscape lighting most people tend to think of simply illuminating the exterior of a structure or landscaping.

One of the incredible effects of good professional landscape lighting; is that it can majorly extend your personal living space, physically and visually.

When lighting is designed and installed into a dark back or front yard, it visually pushes the darkness back and extends the boundaries of your home.

The more elements that are lit, the more a person will tend to gravitate to the exterior and patio of a home. Pushing back the boundary creates a visually striking effect, especially when the interior lights are turned down.

LED based landscape lights provide a number of very distinct efficiency and practical usage advantages.

Because of these advantages, LED use optimization is the cutting edge future of the Landscape Lighting industry.

With new Advancements in LED Landscape Lighting technology and there is now an unmatched attention to every manufacturing detail, and quality control.

LED fixtures also require, roughly 80% less voltage than traditional landscape lighting , which means lower energy costs, longer lamp life, and better environmental impact.

Maximum wattage consumption in halogen landscape lighting is much higher, therefore traditional fixtures become very hot, they cannot be touched after running for just a few minutes.

LEDs generate some heat as well, but far less than traditional lighting.

This results in a longer lamp and fixture life.

If a fixture is getting to hot, it is shorting the life of the lamp and in the long run lowering lighting quality.

Lightscapes Landscape Lighting Design, Installation and Maintenance "Here for You"

Landscape Lighting is an engineering art and craft, it really requires a professional to plan, install correctly, and maintain a truly beautiful Landscape Lighting System.

Safe, optimal Advantages, and consistent long life for Your Landscape Lighting System; Lightscapes has a lighting plan just for you.

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