Orlando Landscape Lighting Orlando – Buyer FYI

7 Things You should Know and Consider Before You Purchase Your Landscape Lighting System or Restoration


1. How Long has The Company Been in Business - are they a "franchise chain company" - are they just doing Landscape Lighting on the side with no intention of servicing or helping you with any problems in the future. LIGHTSCAPES is Here for You .. we can service any system and only Install Quality Products that Last

2. Are they Licensed ( Florida Requires a License to Install Landscape Lighting ) Are they Insured and Bonded

3. Manufacturer Warranties - LIGHTSCAPES will handle all of Your Warranty Issues .. with other Landscapers and Fly by Night Companies YOU WILL HAVE TO DO THIS YOURSELF. - the LIGHTSCAPES DIFFERENCE "WE ARE HERE FOR YOU" - we will repair or replace your lighting fixtures and handle all the warranty issues for You.. We have a Customer Services Department here to service your Landscape Lighting System .. "After the Sale Care"

4. Knowledgeable Trained Technicians - Are the Installers Trained
All of Our LIGHTSCAPES Techs are trained and monitored
We wouldn't send people out to your house that we wouldn't allow at ours

Our Technicians who live in the Orlando Area are part of the LIGHTSCAPES FAMILY - people we Know and trust.

5. Service after the Sale? Will they be there when you need them? or Fly by Night
Many of the people installing landscape lighting in Central Florida have no intention of "every seeing you again" after the sale and installation!
At LIGHTSCAPES "We are Here for You"! in Orlando and Coast to Coast
We have service Vehicles and Trained Knowledgeable Service Technicians who can fix Your Problem and get Your Landscape Lighting Systems Up and Running Efficiently Again. Our LIGHTSCAPES Vans are Equipped with the Latest in Industry Leading Technology available to Trouble Shoot and Repair Your System .. and they are "Here For You After the Sale"

6. Transformers and System Voltage Check and Adjusted - Landscape Lighting No matter what the ads say "IS NOT PLUG & PLAY"
For a Landscape Lighting System to Be Efficient and to Last Year after Year the Voltage must be correct.
Many fly-by-night groups throwing landscape lights in the ground have no idea about voltage adjusting and balancing .. and that applies to the New LED's as well. All Landscape Lighting and Landscape Lighting Systems must be Balanced and Adjusted.. transformers and wiring and lighting fixtures along with distances and proper use must be considered in the Final Quality produce... Your Landscape Lighting System. Steve Piermont Designs specifically for the Lighting Experience "The Beauty and Effect" .. but also for durability and longevity.

7. Call LIGHTSCAPES and Let US Make Your Landscape Lighting Experience a Happy One

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