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Lightscapes is a Personal Family Owned Company focused and Dedicated to personal detailed service; located in Winter Park, Florida. We offer free estimates so inorder to make the most of your time together it is imperative that all parties be prepared with specific questions and budget requirements before meeting with Owner and Professional Lighting Designer Steve Piermont. Projects are scheduled on a first come first served basis and involve our undivided attention. Our whole philosophy is centered around providing you with a high quality lighting system and service, as efficiently and as economically as possible. We will spend as much time as needed to answer all your questions and help you arrive at a quality decision.

We know you will be convinced there is no other company that can provide you with the years of experience, the quality of commercial grade “energy” saving products, the innovative creative original designs, and professional installation techniques that you will find at Lightscapes Outdoor Lighting.

Low Voltage 12 and “energy Saving” 24 Volt Conventional and LED Lighting systems for commercial and residential properties.

Whether you are looking to beautify your property, increase Your Family or Business Security or just “light up the neighborhood”, we have a lighting solution for you.

Going Green – Lightscapes “Off the Grid” Systems available NOW!

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Lightscapes Florida “Winter” 2013 – LED Specials and Next Generation Lighting
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Lightscapes 2013 Best Yearfor LED Specials – Orlando Landscape Lighting – Next Generation Landscape Lighting

Special Landscape Lighting LED Products for Orlando and the Surrounding Area

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Orlando Landscape Lighting

Lightscapes “ Summer ” Landscape Lighting Special – Oviedo , Florida

Lightscapes Your Professional LED landscape lighting specialists.. We love serving Central Florida

We install and sell only the best powerful, energy efficient and long lasting LED landscape lighting fixtures and supplies.
With Lightscapes you will be plesantly surpirsed at how beautiful you home and landscaping can be.
Oviedo Florida
LED – Orlando Landscape Lighting Products

LED’s for Landscape Lighting in Orlando

There are many positives aspects to using LED’s for Landscape Lighting, especially in the Central Florida, Orlando area.

LED (Light Emitting Diode) lighting is exciting technology and the future of lighting.

LED Lighting uses less power and each bulb potentially lasts up to 10 times longer (40,000 hours vs 4,000 hours).

Their efficiency and long life make LED lighting a great green saving the planet solution to evening lighting.

Positives of using LED landscape lighting:

1. You do not have to change the bulbs/lamps every 1-2 years like you do with halogen (big benefit).

2. You are making a statement in support of green technology (a great thing!).

3. You are on the cutting edge and like to be an “early adopter” (a cool thing!).

4. Due to the lower wattage, you can use a smaller transformer (save money).

5. Due to the lower wattage you will have less voltage drop, so you can use thinner cable and have easier layouts (wire in series/daisy chain, instead of understanding voltage drop).

6. It is improving faster than you can believe. Prices are dropping fast, lumens increasing, color temperatures getting warmer, new technologies enabling high output with less heat (i.e. longer life/more reliable). The technology is almost there for everyday applications.

Call Us TODAY we would be glad to come by and do an evening demonstration and talk over your projects.

next: the negatives

Things to know about our LED landscape lighting fixtures:


The NEW LED landscape lighting fixtures use 75% less energy than comparable halogen or incandescent lighting fixtures being used by most installers…and contain no harmful UV or lead byproducts .. which is good for you and for the environment.

LEDs never burn out!
The problem is instead the cheaply made LED’s slowly lose intensity over a long period of time.
When an LED landscape lighting fixture is rated at 40,000 hours it translates to the LED will lose 30% of its intensity over 40,000 hours.
Most homeowners cannot recognize the change in brightness, but are getting far less light for their money.. at LIGHTSCAPES Outdoor .. we have done the research and development so you get MORE LIGHT for LONGER .. This means the LED landscape lighting fixture will actually last much longer than the rated life.

Voltage drop has been a major issue with landscape lighting fixtures for years..
improperly installed landscape lighting has been causing many problems for years… the yard man or landscapers who installs “LIGHTS’ on the side .. we have seen and corrected some real messes ..

Voltage drop is not an issue with LED landscape lighting fixtures as long as the voltage at the fixture is within a specific range (ie: between 8-13 volts) the fixture will turn on. The LED fixture will always produce the same light output. Old Style landscape lighting would be very dim at 8 volts and very bright at 13 volts and the voltage would really effect bulb life. With LED landscape lighting fixture output will be the same at 8 or 13 volts with no effect on the LED’s.

LIGHTSCAPES LED landscape lighting fixtures have the warm light colors of standard halogen and incadescent light fixtures or any color you would prefer, but are incredibly more efficient and energy saving.

Kelvin Light “Colors” and “Temperature” Halogen and incandescent lamps have a color temperature between 2800k and 3100k, which is a warm light ‘color”. LED landscape lighting fixtures can have the warm crisp light of standard landscape lighting fixtures or MANY OTHER OPTIONS in COLOR.
A color temp of 5000k which is white and crisp. Low end LED landscape lighting fixtures have a high color temp which can be “PURE WHITE or COOL WHITE”.

Beware of “Cheap LED’s and Unlicensed Installers.. With the NEW Products come a whole NEW Knowledge and Training for Landscape Lighting Designers and Installers .. there is a LEARNING CURVE .. LIGHTSCAPES OUTDOOR LIGHTING has invested MANY HOURS IN RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT to GIVE YOU THE BEST QUALITY LED’s INSTALLED CORRECTLY ..
Tired of Coming Home to A Dark House

LIGHTSCAPES , is in beautiful Winter Park, FL, and is an award winning, professional landscape and architectural lighting company who specialize in quality landscape lighting. The staff at LIGHTSCAPES is fully trained and qualified to assist and guide you through the entire process; design, selection, and installation of your lighting design project. LIGHTSCAPES is fully licensed,and insured, which adds to your confidence in selecting LIGHTSCAPES LIGHTING. Covering all of Central Florida IN AND AROUND Orlando .

Looking for LED’s, traditional, fountain displays, security lighting, or architecture landscape lighting, LIGHTSCAPES is your one stop source for reliable, professional, and creative landscape design and construction. CAll US TODAY for a Free at HOME Estimate and Demonstration.



Spring – NEW LED PRODUCTS - Upgrades and Revamp Special


“We have many new and exciting products .. that blow the competition away..”
Solar Landscape Lighting – Resource Management – Prices Dropping on Solar Panels
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The cost of residential solar panels is dropping
The cost of residential solar panels is dropping – still – which is great news for homeowners looking to go solar. The effect of falling solar prices is that the number of solar power installations are predicted to grow by over 15% per year. Overall, the cost of solar panels has fallen almost 20% as of August 2011.
While homeowners enjoy lower solar panel prices, solar manufacturers are looking at flat profits and price wars with competitors. Even a difference of a few pennies per watt will make a difference among the competition.
Why the dramatic decrease in solar prices? Some great answers are offered : Technology and Development are improving

As the cost of residential solar panels is dropping, interest in solar leasing is also gaining traction in states where people might not ordinarily consider solar power. Instead of purchasing, homeowners can enter a contract to lease solar panels via a monthly fee that is lower than their current electricity bill. The fee is set for the duration of the solar lease, which means no rate increases for a period of 20 or 30 years! Alternatively, homeowners may consider a power purchase agreement (PPA) in which solar power is generated off-site and sold to customers at a cost lower than grid-based electricity.
With solar panel prices falling, homeowners can now expect to pay between $15,000 to $30,000 for a complete rooftop solar power array, including installation. Fortunately, the retail cost can be slashed in half (or more) with generous federal, state and local rebates and tax incentives.
Isn’t it time you took advantage of falling solar panel prices?

Florida Living “SUMMER” Wonderland Special – Landscape Lighting

Lightscapes Outdoor Lighting

Coming Summer Fun

is a great time to Clean Up the Garage , the yard and Your Landscape Lighting
We can Upgrade and retrofit your landscape lighting back up to par.
Upgrade to LED Power saving Fixtures and Bulbs or go all the way with Our Lightscapes Exclusive Solar Powered Landscape Lighting Winter Special.
Solar Panels that power your Landscape Lighting run totally by the Sun – an Off the Grid Special.
Whatever Your Landscape Lighting Needs are designers and installers are here to help you bring You Vision to Life.

“We Love Serving Central Florida”

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