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LED's for Landscape Lighting in Orlando

this POST is to try to be informative and unbiased so that you can make the proper decision about LED.

There are many positives aspects to using LED's for Landscape Lighting, especially in the Central Florida, Orlando area.

LED (Light Emitting Diode) lighting is exciting technology and the future of lighting.

LED Lighting uses less power and each bulb potentially lasts up to 10 times longer (40,000 hours vs 4,000 hours).

Their efficiency and long life make LED lighting a great green saving the planet solution to evening lighting.

Positives of using LED landscape lighting:

1. You do not have to change the bulbs/lamps every 1-2 years like you do with halogen (big benefit).

2. You are making a statement in support of green technology (a great thing!).

3. You are on the cutting edge and like to be an “early adopter” (a cool thing!).

4. Due to the lower wattage, you can use a smaller transformer (save money).

5. Due to the lower wattage you will have less voltage drop, so you can use thinner cable and have easier layouts (wire in series/daisy chain, instead of understanding voltage drop).

6. It is improving faster than you can believe. Prices are dropping fast, lumens increasing, color temperatures getting warmer, new technologies enabling high output with less heat (i.e. longer life/more reliable). The technology is almost there for everyday applications.

Call Us TODAY we would be glad to come by and do an evening demonstration and talk over your projects.

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