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More on Windermere


Windermere was established in 1889 and chartered in 1925.

During late 2007, the Town of Windermere filed a proposal to annex Isleworth and Butler Bay, a wealthy subdivision into the Windermere city limits.. This was met with extensive debate from town residents and an objection from Orange County, which stood to lose millions of dollars of property tax revenue.

After lengthy discussions, and battles with the county, Isleworth remained in the county, but Butler Bay was annexed into Windermere, with over 90% of its residents approving annexation via a mail-in ballot.

Transportation in Windermere

Signs on Apopka-Vineland Road, 1.5 miles (2.4 km) east of downtown, warn heavy vehicles to stay out of Windermere.

Through traffic is banned from using this street to bypass congestion during rush hours.

Windermere is located on an isthmus between several lakes in the Lake Butler chain.

As such, it is on the shortest road route between the east and west sides of the chain. In fact, the next crossing to the south is 7.5 miles (12.1 km) distant at Lake Buena Vista, where County Road 535 (CR 535) and Apopka-Vineland Road meet.

The next crossing to the north is at Gotha, the north end of the chain of lakes, 2.25 miles (3.62 km) away. 2003 Annual Average Daily Traffic (AADT), much of which is commuters passing through, is 17,197 vehicles per day for Sixth Avenue (the east entrance), 18,362 on Main Street north of Sixth Avenue, and 9,484 on Main Street south of Sixth Avenue.

Windermere regulates traffic and encourages traffic to use alternate routes.

In 2004, two roundabouts were installed downtown with the largest public works project in the town's history. This has greatly improved traffic flow and relieved cut through traffic. A third roundabout was completed in August 2010 at the intersection of Park Avenue and Maguire Road. This is at the Windermere Elementary School intersection. All roads in the downtown area (laid out in a grid) are dirt roads except for a few through roads:

Main Street from the northern boundary (as Maguire Road, which heads north to Ocoee) south to 12th Street; the pavement turns west at 12th Street onto Chase Road, which connects to CR 535
Sixth Avenue east from Main Street to the town line, where it becomes Conroy-Windermere Road
Second Avenue west from Main Street (serves a peninsula)
"Dirt Main Street", just west of Main Street (opposite where the railroad used to run), from Third Avenue to Seventh Avenue
Several other paved roads exist in the outskirts, in areas that have been annexed since the original town was formed.

These signs appear on light poles at borders of the business district at the center of downtown.

Until the 1980s, Main Street north of Sixth Avenue and Sixth Avenue east of Main Street were maintained by the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) as part of Florida State Road 439 (SR 439). This was given to Orange County as Florida County Road 439 (CR 439), and Orange County eventually removed all signs and gave the part inside Windermere to the town. Signs put up by FDOT still mark the north end of CR 439 at SR 50, but no other signs exist, in part because Orange County has a general policy of not signing county roads.

Windermere Florida Home to Many Famous People

We Love Doing their Landscape Lighting ! Great People

The Florida Midland Railroad, part of the Atlantic Coast Line Railroad, used to run just west of Main Street; there is now a large grassy area between Main Street and the dirt road (often called Dirt Main Street) that ran just west of the railroad. Windermere had a station on the railroad.

Paula Creamer, LPGA professional golfer
Johnny Damon, Cleveland Indians outfielder
Joey Fatone, member of 'N Sync
Jay Garner, retired general
Dee Gordon, professional baseball player
Skip Kendall, professional golfer
Shaquille O'Neal, former professional basketball player
Charles T. Wells, former Florida Supreme Court Chief Justice
Bubba Watson, PGA Tour Professional
Robert Woodard, SA consultant from NC. State


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