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Choosing the Best Light Output with Lightscapes

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Choosing the Best Light Output for Your Landscape Lighting
How Much Light do you need or want to be projected per fixture and per use? How do you know which fixture will be the right fixture?
It is really straight forward .. When you browse fixtures and bulbs , select the lowest wattage or lumens to illuminate objects closest to the light such as a small bush or shrub and use the highest wattage or lumens for objects such as a tall Palm or tree. Any everything in between use medium wattage. In using the appropriate wattage and lumens you eliminate light pollution, wasted wattage and save power.

Landscape Lighting Professionals uses many different Wattage Output fixture and many differing Area Lights. Examples being Garden and Landscape Area fixtures, Driveway Lights, Decks, Stairs and steps, Pools, Floods, Well lights, and so many others. LIGHTSCAPES is Your #1 Landscape Lighting Company for Design, Installation and Service for Your Landscape Lighting. We Love Landscape Lighting

When You Think Landscape Lighting Think Lightscapes Outdoor Lighting

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