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LED Landscape Lighting European Style

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LED Landscape Lighting European Style Lighting for Florida
 Europe Loves Lightscapes Outdoor Lighting.
Lightscapes popular with our International and European Clients due to Stephen J. Piermont’s Award Winning, Innovative  Designs and the Lastest Cutting Edge Technology, that only Lightscapes can offer. Lightscapes has been serving our international and european clients for over 25 years.  Stephen Piermont has a eye for colors, impressions and details that makes Lightscapes Stand Out.  We Love Landscape Lighting, and give Landscape Lighting heart and passion.

Lightscapes Outdoor Lighting […]

Landscape Lighting

Home & Business Security & Safety Lighting Do’s and Don’ts with Landscape Lighting by Lightscapes Outdoor

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Security Lighting Do’s and Don’ts

Landscape Lighting for Security and Safety

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Correct lighting is Major key in a Home or Business security system, and when used properly in conjunction with your security cameras, you will be sure to capture all the important footage with maxium clarity.


Consider illumination level, camera sensitivity, and lens type. Lighting levels must be high enough for the camera to produce a useable image. The light level required will depend on […]

Landscape Lighting

Landscape Lighting Orlando LED with Lightscapes

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Landscape Lighting Service Company in Orlando is a Professional Courteous Company and Dedicated to Your Landscape Lighting Experience.

Lightscapes Outdoor Premier Lighting Systems, has been Orlando’s fastest growing and Award Winning Landscape Lighting Design Leader since being founded by Steve J. Piermont in 1996.

Steve Piermont, owner and Award Winning Landscape Lighting Designer, lives in the Orlando Area, and has an extensive background in Orlando’s landscape lighting and architecture lighting design and installation, and will personally be there for you through the […]

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Lightscapes Innovative Affordable Landscape Lighting for your Orlando home 407.895.9000

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Orlando’s #1 Transform Your Home with the Lightscapes Lighting Pros

“First in Florida”

Innovative & affordable outdoor Landscape lighting solutions for your Orlando home and business

LIGHTSCAPES Brass Lifetime LED Orlando Landscape Lighting Spot Lights and Path Lights Designed Just for Your Orlando Home.

Everything you need from start to finish to install a professional landscape lighting system. Free Estimates and Demonstrations


Our Start Up Pro Package includes: fixtures, bulbs, stakes, transformer, cable, and even the connectors. Bundled together at a reduced price for your […]

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Windermere Landscape Lighting with LIGHTSCAPES OUTDOOR LIGHTING

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Windermere Landscape Lighting with Award Winning Lightscapes Outdoor Lighting of Winter Park Orlando
LED Landscape Lighting Specialists Pro Lighting for Orlando .

Orlando Loves Lightscapes Landscape lighting or garden lighting refers to the use of outdoor illumination of private gardens and public landscapes; for the enhancement and purposes of safety, nighttime aesthetics, accessibility, security, recreation and sports, and social and event uses.

The public landscape and gardens have been illuminated for as long as interior structures have – for beauty, security, circulation, and […]

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Choosing the Best Light Output with Lightscapes

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Lightscapes Orlando’s #1 Landscape Lighting Company

Choosing the Best Light Output for Your Landscape Lighting
How Much Light do you need or want to be projected per fixture and per use? How do you know which fixture will be the right fixture?
It is really straight forward .. When you browse fixtures and bulbs , select the lowest wattage or lumens to illuminate objects closest to the light such as a small bush or shrub and use the […]