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Home & Business Security & Safety Lighting Do’s and Don’ts with Landscape Lighting by Lightscapes Outdoor

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Security Lighting Do’s and Don’ts

Landscape Lighting for Security and Safety

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Correct lighting is Major key in a Home or Business security system, and when used properly in conjunction with your security cameras, you will be sure to capture all the important footage with maxium clarity.


Consider illumination level, camera sensitivity, and lens type. Lighting levels must be high enough for the camera to produce a useable image. The light level required will depend on […]


Landscape Lighting Company Orlando Florida

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Orlando’s #1 LED Landscape Lighting Company

Lightscapes Award Winning Designer, Steve Piermont, will design and install and maintain your complete low voltage system to coincide with your taste, budget, and lifestyle.

With new and latest energy efficient LED fixtures, you will be reducing energy consumption, as well as wasted wire and replacing bulbs.

All of Our fixtures are tested and last more than 20 times the life of most regular retail fixtures and bulbs. Quality and Technology designed […]