Heathrow Landscape Lighting

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Heathrow Landscape Lighting with Lightscapes

Lightscapes Outdoor Lighting Systems, Inc. has been Heathrow’s fastest growing and Award Winning Landscape Lighting Design Leader since being founded by Steve Piermont.

Stephen J. Piermont III, owner and Award Winning Landscape Lighting Designer, lives in the Central Florida Area, and has an years of experience and an extensive background in landscape and architecture lighting design.

Steve has a passion to combine a number of Lightscapes unique design techniques to create for you just the […]


Heathrow Landscape Lighting Company

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LIGHTSCAPES is Heathrow’s Premier Landscape Lighting Company with the finest in LED and Traditional Landscape Lighting.

Premier Designer Stephen J. Piermont III is here to bring you the finest relationships between Beauty and function. Recognized by LED Landscape Designers of Florida Steve is world renown for his ability to fuse the functionality of the New generation of LED’s with the practicality of energy saving products. The New Lighting “colors […]


Lake Mary Heathrow Landscape Lighting Company

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Lake Mary Heathrow Landscape Lighting Company

Lightscapes Landscape Lighting Trained Service Technicians; are here for you; serving Lake Mary and Heathrow with the finest in LED Low voltage for any existing landscape lighting system.

We offer Service to fix or Upgrade any broken lighting system, change burnt out lamps, check transformers or add additional lights as you desire and assure that your system is performing correctly.

We have been serving Lake […]


LED Conversion LED Landscape Lighting Heathrow

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Heathrow LED Landscape Lighting Example of LED Conversion


Osram completes the SSL retrofit of the Vatican’s Sistine Chapel

Winter 2014

By Maury Wright
Editor in Chief, LEDs Magazine and Illumination in Focus

More than 7000 LEDs went into the solid-state lighting products that now light the iconic Sistine Chapel interior and the frescoes created by Michelangelo.

Osram has announced the completion of a major solid-state lighting (SSL) project, retrofitting the Sistine Chapel in Rome, […]


Landscape Lighting Information from LIghtscapes Outdoor Lighting Orlando Fl.

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Landscape Lighting Information Orlando Fl.

Unique Hardscape LED light fixtures that are:

•Available in multiple Kelvin temperature options: warm white 2700K, pure white 3000K and cool white 4200K
•Available in 1, 3, 6, and 9 LED fixtures
•Long-life LED light source — 40,000 hours at industry standard L70
•Tested to withstand the elements for years of enjoyment
•Easy to install
•Easily adapts to almost any hardscape, deck, step, or bench application
•Finishes compliment popular stone and decking options: Textured Architectural Bronze, Bronzed Brass, Copper, Gray, Sand and Textured […]


Landscape Lighting New Labels for Bulb Light Packaging

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New Labels for Bulb Light Packaging

Bulb Life Expectancy

How can consumers and professionals shop for light bulbs based on lumens? New light bulb package labeling will help. The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) is already working with light bulb manufacturers to help change the consumer mindset from wattage to lumens. In 2012 manufacturers will begin using new Lighting Facts® labels that list a light bulb’s lumens prominently on a package with wattage listed as “energy used.” The labels will also list helpful […]